Setting up your TikTok ad account and payment

To sign up for your TikTok Ad Account, click here

In addition to the instructions in the video above, please make sure to add all your business information and verification details under the account info section.

IMPORTANT: In order to claim your $2,300 in ad credits you must first submit your business details to TikTok. Once you're approved you can make the ad spend deposit into the account. If you make the deposit before having your business verified by TikTok, you will not be eligible for the ad credits. 

Welcome On Board!

Follow the steps in the video's shown below so we can begin to advertise on your behalf. Looking forward to working with you!

TikTok Pixel

Now that you have your TikTok Ad account,he next step will be creating a TikTok Pixel to be able to track ad conversions for your campaign. Usually this task will be handled by someone on your web development team. 

For a visual tutorial on how to create a TikTok Pixel, click here.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please reach out via email to

On-boarding Form

You're almost done! All that is left is to submit a quick on boarding form with in order to transfer assets such as: logos, email lists, creative assets, and brand guidelines. 

Click here to access the form!