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The only agency that actually "gets" TikTok

We are a digital agency focused on driving organic and paid results for brands on TikTok.

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People struggle with TikTok ads because they simply don’t understand the language of the platform. We execute top notch creative relevant to trends on TikTok in order to drive results. And yes we do advertise on other platforms, in fact we encourage a multichannel strategy for the best results!


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We are probably the only agency that can execute organic TikTok account management at a high level. Our team is able to execute content relevant to the platform along with strategy to resonate with your target audience. Growth on TikTok is inevitable with our team on your side!


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We are a team of young marketers and creators that drink our own kool-aid.  We equip individuals and brands with the proper strategy to be able to build an audience on TikTok. I’ll put it to you this way, would you rather work with players or the coach...

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Most downloaded app globally in 2020


1.5B + TikTok app installs worldwide

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90% of users visit the app more than 1x per day


26.5M+ Active users in the United States

Why TikTok?

The only agency lead by people who drink their own kool-aid...

We are a team of young marketers and TikTok content creators that drink our own kool-aid. We spend time creating content and consistently keeping up with the ever evolving trends on TikTok. Not trying to show off or anything, but we account for 100M + organic views on the platform 👀

With other agencies you’re proabably working with people chilling in their cubicle spending hours on end trying to figure out what words like “cap” & “stan” mean. I’ll put it to you this way, would you rather work with players that spend hours on end working on their craft or the outdated coach that is stuck in their old ways...

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